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Server Caching: The server is responsible for generating the web page, server caching allows it to recall how that web page looks like so that it won’t generate it again the next time. This plugin allows you to manually add “redirects” for pages whose URLs have permanently changed. 80.

[ #WordPress ]- How Tos & TutorialsPractical Guide: How To Boost Your WordPress Sites Performance Server Caching: The server is responsible for generating the web page, server caching allows it to recall how that web page looks like so that it won’t generate it again the next time. This plugin allows you to manually add “redirects” for pages whose URLs have permanently changed. 80. I’ve used this on several blogs over the years and have found it to be very reliable. But I’ve noticed a problem with many list-building plugins. I’ve helped brands that were in growth transition — meaning that the types of customers they have now are different from the customers they want to begin attracting. This is fine, write when you have time. The email broadcast system is built in and RSS scheduled emails take so much time out of manually creating each weeks email. This means using a system external to your WordPress installation to do most of the “heavy lifting” of creating regular backups.

Manually creating an AMP version of all your pages can be a real challenge. What does Google AMP mean for ecommerce? Tracking data from AMP pages over Analytics, Ads or even DoubleClick is still fairly limited, although analytics for this is growing. It will also handle sitemaps (which make it easier for search engines to crawl your content) and give you precise control over which posts and pages will be indexed by Google. Sometimes as a blogger you need to change the URL of one of your posts or pages – for example, to optimize your content for SEO. Of course, that only works for links you change after installing the plugin. Certain WordPress themes come with this option built in, but they can rarely compete with a dedicated plugin. All WordPress themes are unique and built by different developers using various approaches. To help reduce the strain on your server, ensure that images are sized no larger than the maximum size allowed on the site. You can install a new WordPress, or you can migrate your WordPress site for free. Without a single doubt, WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the best optimization plugins that have ever been produced.

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On the other hand, not everyone is comfortable delving into code – especially when making a tiny error in the file you have to edit could bring down your whole blog! You do need to install a lightweight plugin to connect your blog to VaultPress, but the backups run on their servers to ensure your blog isn’t slowed down. 80 a month, cloud hosting runs sites on ultra-fast virtual servers. There are plugins that will find broken links for you, but I recommend never using them as they can seriously impact the performance of your blog (and others if you’re on a shared hosting platform). Convert from Table to CSS based layout: Tables are OK for displaying data in columns and rows, but is grossly inefficient for designing web page layouts. For instance, you wouldn’t want Google to index the hidden page where new subscribers can download your “bribe to subscribe” – otherwise people could find it without subscribing.

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But there’s always a chance your blog has other broken links that you don’t know about, and you can find these using Google Search Console or Xenu’s Link Sleuth. This not only causes a poor reader experience, but it can also stop search engines from fully crawling your blog, which means Google may penalize your overall ranking. That means that the site speed directly affects SEO, so if your site is slow, you’re now losing visitors and reduce your rankings in search engines. You can then add other WordPress SEO Plugins to undertake functions such as shortening URLs, control of title tags, managing redirections, generating links automatically, controlling paging of comments or caching the site to speed up page loading. Also, your site will come under greater load from increased traffic which puts further strain on the WordPress platform and your web host. You want to get more traffic and grow your audience, right?

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Social media can help you build an audience, but nothing draws people back to your blog quite like an email list. You need to make sure that your blog automatically redirects anyone who tries to access the old URL to the new URL. All you have to do is copy the URL to your post, and you are all set. Query optimization might seem like a scary task, but as soon as you try it out and have some quick wins you’ll start to get the bug and want to improve things even further. Under the plugin’s main admin section, you’ll see a “System Requirements” box, which will give a status as to the recommended server stats, and what you are currently running via your web host. As you can see, all plugins are more or less equally hogging of the resources, with the exception of a small few. The more plugins you add to your site, the slower it’s going to be. Some CMS’ have plugins that work with Varnish or that integrate it in the control panel — usually to make clearing the cache easier.

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The best part is that once you have done the initial configuration, everything else is automated. When you first start your blog, using a plugin for your backups is the best way to go, especially considering the fact that it won’t cost you a penny. The Redirection plugin also supports “404 monitoring,” which means it tracks requests for URLs that don’t exist. AJ: Yeah. Yeah. Now the opposite end of that is, is that you also don’t have to worry about finding a warehouse and hiring people to fulfill your orders. As I am working on shifts in a company on a salary basis I did not have much time to contribute to the growth of the site. 4. Speed Up Your Site by Disabling Revisions Autosave. That´s it for the speed! Browser caching won’t have the same impact as server side caching on page load times, but it will make your site a lot faster for those all-important multipage and returning visitors, and is well worth doing.

But what happens to people who still have the old link? Instead you have to scroll to the very bottom of the page, click the Support link to open the support site in a new tab, and finally search for advice. My go-to SEO plugin is Yoast SEO and while Yoast does have a premium version, you can do almost everything you need with the free version. While reading about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you must have come across the term “backlink” for once at least. This is useful because taller images perform better on Pinterest but you don’t want to have to change the dimensions of your featured image. We have seen remarkable and Pingble results from this particular program. Appreciate it in making Rich Snippet Integration – Seopressor WordPress Plugin Download plugin intended for everyone wanting aid having their particular WordPress websites for you to status greater from the Search engines. For more detail, read this explanation of WordPress Pingbacks, Trackbacks and Linkbacks. A quality plugin will usually be much more configurable in terms of both behavior and appearance.